]ns¶, Bcm-[-IÀ {_ko-en-s\m¸w

temI-I-¸n kz´w cmPyw ]pd-¯m-bm `qcn-]£w Z£n-Wm{^n¡-³ ^pSvt_mÄ t{]an-I-fp-tSbpw ]n´pW {_koen\m-bn-cn¡pw. kzX{´ ImbnIhn]-W\ Kth-jW Øm]-\-amb _n.-Fw.-sF. kvt]mÀSvkv C³t^m Is­¯n kn.-F³. F³ ]pd-¯p-hn« ]T\ dnt¸mÀ«mWnXv. kvs]bv³, Cä-en, AÀPâo\ F¶n-h-cmWv sXm«-Sp¯ Øm\-§-fnÂ. “asämcp Soan\pw Ah-Im-i-s¸-Sm-\n-Ãm¯ AXn-a-t\m-l-c-amb ssien-bmWv {_ko-en-tâ-Xv, B Ifn-bmWv R§Ä¡njvSw” Hcm-cm-[-I³ C§-s\ hne-bn-cp-¯n.
Ignª hÀjw \S¶ tIm¬s^-U-td-j³ I¸nse B[n-Im-cnI hnPbw I¬Ip-fnÀs¡ I­m-kz-Zn¨ Z£n-Wm-{^n-¡-¡mÀ kz´w \mSv ]pd-¯m-bm {_ko-ens\ ]n´p-W-¡m³ X¿m-dm-sd-Sp¯p Ign-ªp. B{^n-¡³ cmPy-§-fn Lm\-tbm-SmWv IqSp-X t]À¡pw Xm¸-cyw. Z£n-Wm-{^n-¡-bnse Idp¯ hÀ¤¡mcn 81% kz´w cmPys¯ ]n´p-W-bv¡p-t¼mÄ shfp¯ hÀ¤¡mcpsS ]n´pW 51% am{X-am-Wv. hf-sctbsd Bß-hn-izm-k-t¯m-sS-bmWv {_ko-en-b³ tIm¨v UpwK Cu hmÀ¯-tbmSv {]Xn-I-cn-¨X,v “tIm¬s^U-td-j³ I¸n e`n¨ AtX ]n´p-W-bmWv R§Ä {]Xo-£n-¡p-¶-Xv, XoÀ¨-bmbpw AXv KpWw sN¿pw. R§-fpsS Ifn/ssien Cu `qJV¯nepw AwKo-I-cn-¡-s¸-Sp¶p F¶p-ÅXv Gsd kt´m-j-I-c-am-W”v.
kaoÀ ImhmUv

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